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Today is the beginning of Shepherd’s Conference!  This year is the most amount of attendee, coming in at 3,400 people with over 1100 individuals here for the first time.

The opening Session featured John MacArthur preaching on the topic of Fellowship.

It was a good message on how the danger of our age of hyper-privacy has undermined true fellowship among believers.

I didn’t get to take notes on my laptop since I forgot my power cord but here’s some of the notable quotes or rough paraphrase that establish the need for this sermon:

“Only in the New Testament do we see the body motif for fellowship.”

In the Greek, the noun for fellowship is used eight times.

“What threaten fellowship?  Hyper-Privacy.”

With our technology today, every person can become like a god, downloading their own reality.

Borrowing a line from Carl Trueman: “Childishness is a textually transmitted disease.”

Our Culture has become more narcissitic, individualistic and entitled; that’s what our culture want.

Instead of a virtual church, at a real church:

  • You might face an enemy
  • Real people
  • Preacher who point out your sins against you

Everything about the church fight against hyper-privacy and narcissism.

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