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Brace Yourselves Presuppositionalist posts

In the past we have done a Marathon series on the small stream of Calvinistic Dispensationalists who are Presuppositional in their apologetics (VanTillian).  This might have just been a quiet phenomenon but in God’s providence discussions as a result of Scott Oliphint’s thesis to call VanTil’ apologetics “Covenantal apologetics” has even brought some to ask if Calvinistic Dispensationalists could even be Presuppositionalists if they don’t subscribe fully to Covenant Theology.

Beginning next Monday, March 24, 2014, we will be doing a second series on Calvinistic Dispensational Presuppositionalism.  Lord willing, throughout that week we will be having some written interviews, articles and resources posted.  Make sure to check them out, share your thoughts and share them with others if they edify you!

The link to the “index” of the first Marathon series can be accessed here.

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