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This interview with Fred Butler was from last year but it’s still very good! Grateful that there are Calvinistic Dispensational Presuppositionalist like Fred!

The Domain for Truth

After last year’s marathon series on Dispensational Presuppositionalists, I discovered that there were additional items that could be added to that series including interviews.  Here is one of several more interviews I want to have featured here on Veritas Domain.  Today’s interview is with Fred Butler which some of you will know as the blogger behind the blog Hip and Thigh.

Fred Butler

1.) Describe to us your ministry with Grace To You, the church, etc.

I’ve been given the privilege of overseeing the volunteer ministry of
Grace to You. Every month we offer a free resource to our supporters
and when they respond, it is my job to pull together the material they
requested and prepare it to be mailed.  We have about 125 volunteers
who come twice a week, spread out between Tuesdays and Thursday. They
are mostly retired members of Grace Church who wanted to spend their

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