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This is a brief introduction to the philosopher of Martin Heidegger both in terms of his thought and also the man himself. I turned to this work because of a desire to start somewhere in learning more about Heiddeger. This is the first philosopher that I didn’t know much about beforehand that I read about from the Philosophers in 90 minutes series. My experience with this series in the past didn’t really impress me. In the end I couldn’t resist a brief synopsis of Heidegger which is why I turned to this book. It did serve the purpose of introducing Heidegger’s life story and the basics of his ideas. The author also did a good job giving a feel of who Heidegger was. Any biography about Heidegger wouldn’t be able to avoid the topic of his relationship with the Nazis. The book’s portrait of him is more sympathetic and having started reading this book at the tail end of me finishing a book on Hitler’s philosophers, I would say the book’s view of Heidegger’s collaboration with the Nazis isn’t necessarily an accurate one. Heidegger was much more passionate about his beliefs with Nazi ideology than most people think; for instance he sided with the Nazis early on before he had to be forced to conform. Heidegger’s early entrance into the Nazi party as a famous philosopher actually helped gave credibility to the Nazis. Also the book mention that Heidegger saw the brilliance of Hannah Arendt but critical biographies on Arendt suggests that Heidegger’s praise of Arendt was more sensual than for philosophical prowess. Even after Arendt has establish her own reputation of a philosopher Heidegger still have a hard time with giving Arendt her proper due. In the end, I must say this is one of the better works in this series.

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