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Anger Escaping the Maze

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I love these counseling booklets series “Resources for Changing Lives” for their brevity and clarity.  I want to buy and read every one of them.  (However if you buy them all at one time, there’s no guarantee that the person behind the counter in your local bookstore wouldn’t think you are a weirdo).  Even though this booklet is small the impact of its content is huge.  I used this book as a resource for a counselee dealing with and found the truths within it helpful for him and myself as well and I’m sure it will be too with other readers.

I appreciated the author tackling anger head on especially with his critique of the “substance” model of understanding anger; this is the view that think of anger more as a “thing” inside someone rather than anger being an attitude and act of the person.  As the author argues, how one understands the nature of anger will determine what kind of solution that is being proposed.  As Christians we must come to understand that anger issues reflect someone’s willful desire to sin and not just some impersonal force within us exploding.

The best part of the book is the discussion about being angry with God—very well thought out and life changing material for those struggling with this issue.  The book also gave several questions to help deal with anger with the first set being diagnostic and the second set given with the intent of helping a counselee deal with their sinful anger.  Like with other biblical counseling resources I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s question engaging the readers with biblical truths that confront the lies and false expectation we embrace.


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