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Point: Sometimes during evangelism I would encounter individuals who bring up the fact that he or she has a hard time with an evil and/or undesirable event that occured in their life and therefore they can no longer believe in God.  Often the underlining assumption here is that the person does not deserve these circumstances in light of their moral status.

Picture: The following news story seems to be an appropriate analogy to present prayerfully in hopes that they reconsider their claim that they are a good person; brought before the Laws of God, one would discover their guilty before God.

It could be argued that when people Google themselves, they take pride in what they find, hence the term “egosurfing.”

Then there’s the case of Christopher Viatafa, who Googled his name, found a picture of himself on a “Most Wanted” website — and promptly surrendered to San Leandro police in connection with a shooting, authorities said.

Viatafa was being sought in connection with a shooting during a private party at the San Leandro Senior Center on East 14th Street on Aug. 8. Police said he got into an argument, pulled out a handgun and fired several rounds into the ground.

Viatafa was forced out of the area, police said, but not before he fired more rounds. No one was hit, but investigators sought him for allegedly discharging a firearm toward an inhabited dwelling.

Viatafa told police he had looked himself up online and found his mug on the “Northern California Most Wanted” website, maintained by the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, a group of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

“That is why he turned himself in,” police said.

By Friday, Viatafa was listed on the website as a “captured fugitive.”



NON-CHRISTIAN: I struggle with believing in God, because of certain experiences with evil in my life….<(Incident inserted here)>

CHRISTIAN: I’m sorry to hear that.  It sounds like it was definitely a difficult thing to go through.  Is it fair to say that you are presupposing you are a good person that doesn’t deserve anything bad from happening to you?

NON-CHRISTIAN: Yes, I don’t deserve it.

CHRISTIAN: Are you a good person before God?


CHRISTIAN: I think we all seem good if we are left with ourselves with our own subjective standards but I believe if we search God’s requirement it would be otherwise.  We need to go by some other objective standards outside of ourselves and it will reveal otherwise.  Let me tell you of this news-story <INSERT ILLUSTRATION>; could you imagine that the guy was probably surprised with what he found?


CHRISTIAN: We’re more like him than we think!  We can think with our egos that God would probably owe us something good but He who sees all things and know our hearts will reveal to us as guilty and a fugitive if we search His Word and His Laws…and though we might search initially God’s Word for something positive it will say about us, we will be shocked to find otherwise.  Which leads me to why Jesus is important, He’s our Savior…



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