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A Call for Prayer…

Pray for Lyndon Unger

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...


For those of you who have followed this blog for longer than the previous year (namely since before March 2013), you may have noticed that I started writing a whole lot more seriously in the previous 16+ months.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and whatnot, but I’ve really ramped up the quantity and quality over the last while, mostly because I’ve been off work since June of 2013.  I’ve alluded to my illness from time to time but I haven’t given a whole lot of details because, well, my readers have more than enough things on their own plates.

Many of my readers aren’t from Canada, aren’t really in my social circle, or aren’t people that I personally know, hence I’ve kept my cards close to the chest.  The people in my church and those in my local circle of friends are “in the know,” but they’ve been keeping things on…

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