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I’m taking a break this Saturday from the series on Jonah in light of a busy week (preached from Wednesday to Sunday each day this week).  So I’m posting this book review of a work that I just finished. Ephesians Boice  

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I read this commentary because of the author.  Previously I read James Montgomery Boice’s commentary on Phillippians which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I also enjoyed this commentary on Ephesians.  It is a good expositional commentary and ideal for devotions through the book of Ephesians.  I appreciated that it was practical.  I have seen other reviews saying that it’s not exegetically detailed but I think it is not fair to expect an exegetical commentary when the intent of the commentary is expositional.  While there are other commentaries on Ephesians that are more exegetical than this one (I think the best is still Harold W. Hoehner’s exegetical commentary) I think it is still worthwhile for the exegete to consult Boice’s work to help with thinking about the application and delivery of the content of Ephesians to God’s people.  Boice did bring out good lexical insight from the meaning of certain Greek terms in ways that are very insightful.  Read this to warm your hearts for God in light of what He has done for us in saving us.

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