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Killing Jesus A History

This is my first book by Bill O’Reilly and only after starting this book did I realized that he has written a series of book on the assassination of famous men, with his previous works on Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy.  Early in the introduction of the book Bill O’Riley’s reveal his methodological assumption of how faith (myth) and fact must be distinguished concerning the person Jesus, and that he and his co-author was interested only in the fact.  I think this reveal quite a lot the direction the book takes.  Surprisingly the book does include a lot of account of Jesus’ miracles.  The journalistic prose of his writing gives one a fresh look at familiar Gospel stories and O’Riley does a good job of giving a lot of the political and historical setting that the life of Jesus was situated in.  His discussion about the Herods and the various Caesars is narrated like juicy gossip though.  I was disappointed with how the end of the book the authors did not seem to come out strongly with their conclusion of whether or not Jesus was resurrected which is disappointing given how much of the guild of Christian apologetics has focused on this crucial point of Christianity.  The book was also disappointing in that both writers never expounded on the greater context of Jesus’ death as penal substitutionary atonement for our sins, justification, etc.  One might say that’s due to O’Reilly being a Roman Catholic, but I think there are also theologically liberal assumption involved (appeasing to Naturalism, faith vs facts, etc).  I suppose my final evaluation of this book parallel how I feel about his show: sometimes its interesting but sometime I wonder about his matter with things.

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