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Dogmatic Theology Vol. 1 by W. G. T Shedd

Boy there’s a lot of great books now available online for free–even systematic theology books!  In the past I have blogged on Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology.  Now we have William Shedd’s Dogmatic Theology, courtesty of Monergism!

Monergism has announced this week the availability of this classic.  Part of the Preface is as follows:

The immediate preparation of this treatise began in 1870, when the author was called to give instruction for a year in the department of Systematic Theology, in Union Theological Seminary. The work was resumed in 1874, when he was elected to this professorship, and was prosecuted down to 1888. But some general preparation had been made for it, by previous studies and publications. The writer had composed a History of Christian Doctrine in the years 1854-1862, which was published in 1863; and also a volume of Theological Essays containing discussions on original sin and vicarious atonement, and a volume of Sermons to the Natural Man predominantly theological in their contents. The doctrinal system here presented will be found to be closely connected with these preceding investigations; and this will explain the somewhat frequent references to them as parts of one whole. The Dogmatic History is the natural introduction to the Dogmatic Theology.

The general type of doctrine is the Augustino-Calvinistic. Upon a few points, the elder Calvinism has been followed in preference to the later. This, probably, is the principal difference between this treatise and contemporary ones of the Calvinistic class.

To download it as a EPUB, to download it as a MOBI for Kindle.

If you want to download it as PDF of this book as a scan, the file is rather large but its available if you click HERE.

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