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hmong soldier

I am posting this during a time when daily news in Iraq is rather saddening with the increase of ISIS atrocities.  In the middle of this massacre, it made me thought a lot about whether there are beginning to be parallel between Iraq and Vietnam.

Among the minority group that the United States used in fighting the Communists in South East Asia during the Vietnam War was the Hmong People, a tribal group that lived primarily in the mountain region of Laos.  Unfortunately after Vietnam fell, the Hmong people were left to fend for themselves.  They fled in masses and some later became refugees in America.

While the world watch the political scene, God was working to bring many Hmong to faith.

The following three videos are the story of how God brought them to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior among the Hmong people, particularly those in America.

Watching the videos was rather emotional for me.  On a more personal note, my own family were personally involved in the Vietnam War and had to flee to America because of their involvement with America’s war against the Communist.  Relatives were killed because of their covert work with Americans.  Survivors fled their country and eventually was sponsored by churches to America.  I see parallel with my family’s story with that of the Hmong people.

Which brings me back to Iraq: Please pray that God will use the current crisis in Iraq to reach many people for Himself.  May the Church be ready to adopt this next wave of refugees, and to evangelize and show compassion to them.

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