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Dear Family, Friends, and The Domain for Truth Readers,

The journey that the Lord has charted for me does not cease to amaze me. After the many wonderful years of having served alongside the leaders in old church, as well as graduating from a wonderful seminary last May, I am now currently serving as one of the pastors at at a church in CA. God has been blessing me with many opportunities to serve Him and His people. At my church, I have been shepherding the people to grow in their faith, holiness, love for God and for one another. It is also my desire for the church to reach the lost and to make disciples through the use of the Gospel, which transcends all cultures. One way to do that is to cross into another foreign land. This October, I will be leading a very small team to Southeast Asia. After many years of contemplation, prayer, and preparation—by God’s grace, I will now be going there. I will not just be going to any land. I will be going to a land, my roots—where my parents lived; and also escaped from in 1980 due to the intense Communism take over in 1975-1979. As a nation, it has been decimated by idolatry, the Communist (where the ideology of Marxism with the extreme version of nationalism murdered over 2 million people), vice, corruption, and spiritual darkness. This nation has a population of about 15,206,000, with about 31 unreached people groups. About 96.4% are Buddhists and less than 2% are evangelical Christians.

My hope is that this mission trip to Southeast Asia will provide an opportunity where I can be transformed, become more sanctified in the Lord, develop a deeper love and burden for global missions, and to be in more prayer to God for direction concerning any future plans to serve Him. My desire is to make His name famous and magnified. I know that He cannot be honored unless the clarion call of the Gospel is clearly and boldly proclaimed to the unbeliever and believer.

We are well aware that the success of this trip is dependent on the Lord and your prayer support. Along with your prayers, if you would like to partner with us financially, please send an e-mail to us to Domainfortruth@gmail.com.  It is very rare that we would ask for financial support.  All of our resources here are free for the body of Christ.  But we understand that money at times can be an obstacle for ministries such as global missions.

In King Jesus,


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