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James White

Here is a Youtube video of a debate between a Reformed Baptist apologist James White and a Roman Catholic priest name Mitchell Pacwa.  The topic of the debate: Is The Roman Catholic Priesthood Biblical & Ancient?

This debate took place May 29th, 2003.

Here’s the description of the debate from Youtube:

James White and Fr. Mitchell Pacwa debate the validity of the Roman Priesthood. Does the New Testament describe an office of priest in the Church today? Does the New Testament teach that there is a Christian Prieshood? Are priests to be unmarried as Rome teaches? Is it true as the Council of Trent declared that a New Testament Priesthood was transformed from the Old? Is it correct to call someone “Father?” What is the priesthood of all believers as mentioned in the New Testament? What are the Biblical offices in the Church today? These questions and many more are answered in this debate. A wide variety of issues are discussed. This subject also ties in with the subjects of the Mass, purgatory, confession, and the celibacy of priests in Roman Catholic theology. This debate is probably the best debate these two gentlemen have ever had. Highly recommended. (2 hours 44 minutes)



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