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Have you ever heard people going back and forth about Comics and Graphic Novels?

One individual calls it a comic (usually the one who doesn’t read it).

The other person who is reading it says it’s not comics but a graphic novel (usually someone who is older than a kid reading it).

The debate moves forward concerning definitions.  Usually there is the comment that comics are for kids while graphic novels are not.

I won’t enter that debate but I mention this to make the observation that a Christian shouldn’t read comics/graphic novels without being aware of its content and practicing Godly discernment.

Just as I have been making the case in this series concerning Christian discernment with movies, much of what I said is applicable here with comics/graphic novels.  I would also say one should also consult a biblical theology of reading as well.

The following are four questions to ask about one’s reading of a Comic/Graphic Novel in light of a Christian worldview:

  1. What does the material says about human nature?  For example, is man all good, bad, etc.  How does the story’s view of man line up with the view of Scripture’s view of man?
  2. Are there any explicit reference to God, religion and theology, and if so what is it’s message?  Sometimes a book can come out direct in talking about spiritual matters.  How does it line up with Scripture?
  3. What does the story tells us about morality and ethics?  Is there relativism, moral confusion being espoused?  Who are the villains, who are the protaganists and what do they believe?
  4. Does the artists have an agenda in telling the story?  Sometimes you will be surprised to learn about the artists and writer’s background and what they believe and how that shapes the story.

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