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Superheroes The Best of Philosophy and Pop Culture Edited by William Irwin

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Review: This is a neat kindle book put out by the publishers Blackwell.  I typically think of their academic books that they published but apparently they have a series on Philosophy and Pop Culture.  In this book various contributors explore how superheroes are complex characters that have become the myths of our times.  In the introduction the book notes that while philosophers specialize in nuance articulation of philosophy often those who are unfamiliar with the more technical expression of philosophy “gets” their philosophy through the more familiar medium of movies, comics, music and video games.  This is a good book for those not as familiar with philosophy to see how philosophy is put in action; it is also a good book for those who are naïve not to see that there are worldview undercurrents in popular culture and entertainment to see that comics and films about superhero are not “value-free” or done in a vacuum apart from a worldview.  I think those who do enjoy philosophy will also find this book interesting in showing examples of various philosophy and isms displayed in the comics.  I think the book is insightful.  For instance I enjoyed the discussion about Captain America and the virtue of humility.  I especially enjoyed the chapter on the discussion of why Batman doesn’t kill Joker.  I admit it has also made me wanting more and seeing some of the discussion has made me see how various philosophies are inadequate; but to the end that this book is an exploration of philosophies and superheroes this book accomplished it’s goal.

Get it for free on KINDLE

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