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Gay Wedding Cake At Muslim Bakeries

This is too good not to post in light of all the discussion about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

I wonder if the Left will try to go force Muslim bakers and cake makers to bake Gay Wedding Cakes?  Or worst, do what they did to an Indiana Family Pizza Shop, threaten them.  I don’t condone that at all by the way, just noting the double standard.

Louder With Crowder went and asked some Muslim Bakers if they would make a Gay Wedding Cake.  The answer is what you expected.

See the video below:


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car bumper Point:  Have you heard any nonbeliever object: “Why do you Christians feel compelled to share their faith with others?”  Sometimes one need a defense or an apologetics for our evangelism!  Ultimately Christians evangelize out of a heart of worshipping God, in which one evangelizes out of loving obedience to Him; certainly the Gospel motivates us to serve Him including our duty to witness.  Second to the primary motivation is that a Christian wishes to see other people come to know Jesus as the Savior of sinners from the fate of hell.  We see Paul have that kind of motivation described in the beginning of Romans 9.  It is this secondary point I feel compelled to give an analogy to help reinforce the understanding of the Christian motivation to go all-out in evangelism out of love for sinners. Picture: On the news there is this story:

Minnesota man didn’t know he had Superman power until he bent the door of a burning SUV with his bare hands to rescue another motorist.

Bob Renning, 52, was driving with his girlfriend on a highway in New Brighton, Minnesota, when he looked in his rear-view mirror and noticed flames under a vehicle directly behind him. Michael Johannes, the driver of the 2006 Chevy Trailblazer, apparently didn’t know his car was on fire, so Renning started to slow down in an attempt to get his attention.

Renning’s girlfriend rolled down her window to try to alert Johannes, too. But by then, Renning said it appeared that Johannes’ vehicle had stopped working and was pulled over to the freeway shoulder. “The taillights started flashing without control, the brakes stopped working, the speed calculator went to zero, the electronics just got messed up.” Johannes recalled to ABC News. And worst of all, the car doors were locked and the power windows rolled up. Johannes couldn’t get them open. Renning pulled over about 200 feet in front of Johannes. As his girlfriend dialed 911 and gave the police their location, Renning jumped out of his car and sprinted towards Johannes. When Renning got to the SUV, the heavy smoke has infiltrated the car and he couldn’t see anyone inside. “It just happened all so fast. It was like a movie,” Renning said. Renning then saw Johannes frantically pounding and kicking the passenger-side window. Renning pulled on the door multiple times, but the door wouldn’t open. Acting on instinct and adrenaline, he gripped the door frame with his fingers, braced his foot against the door, and pulled. The door frame bent in half and the glass shattered.

“I was trying to hold my breath and not inhale any smoke,” Johannes said. “I was going to climb to the backseat and get a heavy-duty flashlight to break the window.”

As soon as Johannes heard the glass shatter, he climbed out the window with Renning’s help. Johannes was a little stiff and bruised, and had some minor cuts from the shattered glass. Renning, an Air Force first sergeant, said he had no idea how he was able to bend the door. He said he runs a few times a week, but is no bodybuilder. “I don’t spend money on the gyms,” Renning said. “My mom teased me and said: ‘You were supposed to run away from the car, not run towards the car,’” Renning said. “But my grandkids were impressed with me. So that is enough.” “It was a miracle. He was a husband, he was dad,” Lisa Johannes told ABC News. “He was just telling himself: ‘I had to get out of there the entire time.'” Renning said the story is not about him, but about Johannes. “I had no idea what went through his mind at that time,” Renning said. “I just talked to him [Renning] yesterday and I will call him again later today,” Johannes said. “He saved my life. I will be forever grateful.”


OPPONENT: Why do you Christians always try to convert people anyway?  It’s so annoying.

CHRISTIAN: I’m sorry to hear that.  My main reason is to obey God because of what He has done for me.  I also shared to you the Gospel because of my concern for you since you are lost.  Can I give you a story that probably give a better illustration of why I am sharing with you? <Insert Illustration>

OPPONENT: What a story!

CHRISTIAN: Do you see why this guy goes all out and seem to even have superhuman strength?  What motivated him?

OPPONENT: To save that guy’s life.

CHRISTIAN: That’s analogous to the same motivation why I am going all out to warn people.  It is out of concern for those lost and going to hell because of their sins.  Before we go off on another rabbit trail I want you to know my sincere motivation and intention…

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