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Boko Haram

Vice News has produced some of the most amazing news documentaries I’ve seen concerning the world’s most troubled flashpoints.  They have done some good series on ISIS and Iraq and now they have also produced a three part series documentary that looks at the Islamic Terrorist Group Boko Haram and the Nigerian army’s effort against this terrorist group.  Journalist Kaj Larsen is a former Navy SEAL and produced this excellent documentary.  He provides us a rare candid glimpse of the conflict and goes where few Western Journalist has gone.  It is not all pretty and viewers must be warned.  I share this because for a Christian blog I think it is important to know specifically what is going on in a part of the world that some are praying about especially with the terrible news last year of captured Christian girls by this group of thugs.  War is ugly and I don’t think the videos sanitize it.  Yet at the same time we see some of the beauty of Nigeria and the human stories.

Here are the videos below:

I thought the last video stood out among the three.  As a military man I felt watching this that some of the tactical ways or lack of being tactical during the advance was something that didn’t make me comfortable although the Nigerian Army unit seems to be doing pretty good compared to Third World Army’s standard.  I was also strucked by all the military men in this series of how clear they understood their mission and how battle hardened they were and this is important to remember lest Western military advisers forget that these guys are serious and are literally fighting for their own survival and their family’s survival.

There are glimpses of bad theology in the documentary.  Sadly I think it reveals the condition of not just Nigeria but the world we live in.

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