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Someone last week asked me a question concerning my thoughts on God killing babies in the Old Testament and God’s love.  Here’s my quick reply:

First off concerning taking of life I think we must remember the Creator/Creature distinction. Specifically the differences between God and us is His prerogative to give and take life, as it originates from Him and we are not “owe” life (“he gives and takes away,” as Job 1:21 attests). If he takes our life even now there is nothing we can have as a basis to say He is wrong. I think this is foundational to everything else that follows.

Secondly I do think there are two kinds of love that we need to make note of theologically; for lack of better term there is “Common Grace” in which God even love His enemies (Matthew 5:43-45) and our love for our enemies rest on the ramification of the truth that God loves even His enemies. Common Grace must be distinguished from Special Grace or love and the activity of His love that efficaciously lead to salvation. Equivocate the two (that is, not making a distinction between those two forms of love) will get us into all kinds of hermeneutical and theological problems.

Thirdly I think early death does not necessarily always means God does not love the person; even if they are Babies and the death was the result of God dealing with sins. I think of David’s son who died and yet 2 Samuel 12:23 seem to imply David will see Him after death.

Fourthly, Scripture also talks about our sinfulness well before birth and thus babies do have sinful tendencies though of course the capacity and level of sin differ in degrees from that of adults.

Fifthly, do you have book on Presuppositional apologetics in general and Reformed books on Theodicy in particular?  I think it might be a good place to begin concerning the problem of evil and from there I recommend Gordon Clark’s work and Jay Adams on the Problem of Evil as I think they are Biblically helpful.

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