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Note: I am overseas at the moment and will not have any internet.  This is a guest post by Michael A. Coughlin.  His blog can be found HERE.


Previously, we’ve discussed the open air preacher’s need to be prepared, have correct presuppositions, love people and for earnest prayer. Today we’ll wrap up the series with the very practical concept of projection.

You need a way to project your voice. If no one hears you then you might as well attempt to engage in one on one conversations or hand out tracts (neither of which are bad ways to evangelize). Whether you use amplification or not, know how to get your voice heard over a large radius so more people will hear God’s Word! Some preachers do not like to use amplification. This is OK too. Regardless, the following tips can help.

Be aware of your surroundings. Bus stops are fine, when there are no busses. Residential areas can be tricky as people have some right to sleep without your voice amplified in their ears. This is why so many open air preacher go to college campuses or sports events where there are large gatherings of people in an area where “shouting” is essentially accepted.

Something else to consider is what you sound like when you get louder. Most people sound angry. Learn how to project your voice without sounding like you are just yelling. On the same topic, many people strain to raise their voice and contort their face. Again, the same problem occurs where you may have a look on your face which looks angry! Practice preaching and smiling; or at least practice avoiding the angry look. It will make you more approachable and it will help you distinguish between when you may in fact be preaching in the flesh or not. Because the day you find it harder to keep a kind and friendly face may be the day you realize you are there that day with the wrong heart.

Dear brother, I do hope this list helps you to remember some basic open air preaching practical pointers.

  1. Presuppositions
  2. Preparation
  3. People
  4. Prayer
  5. Projection

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