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Open-Air Preaching in India


I have been tremendously blessed by this brother’s heart for the lost.  He is an American who served in the U.S. military, but is now a long-term missionary in India.  Daniel Stephen Courney was commissed by his elders as a missionary to India.  Here in the video below, he is preaching from Revelation 20:11-15 to an eager crowd in the city of Mangalagiri. I was encouraged to know that hundreds of people listened to the Gospel and some even asked for prayer and counseling after the message. During their time there, they encountered only light resistence from Muslims while they had their Ramadan call to prayer.  The Gospel ran free.  This brother and the other brothers with him–their zeal, reminds me of George Whitefield.  Please keep them in your prayers.

I pray that the message blesses you as you will hear sobering truths that the Indian people need to hear such as the image of God, God’s holiness, justice, the love of Christ, and for repentance, faith, and forgiveness.

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