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sinner and preacher confront

What a month June has been. Must be something about the beginning of summer but I want to make just an observation of the heat of the so called Culture war: For or against Police, Confederate Flags, Same Sex Marriage, Christianity, Donald Trump, Illegal Immigration, we’ve become a country that’s becoming super-sensitive to our detriment. We run on “You’re are offending me with your opinion and I’m going to make your life miserable!” Boycotts, lawsuits and threat of getting rid of tax exemptions are tools used and some can celebrate this without skipping a beat and hashtag “Love wins.” I think we can highly disagree without hating each other and wanting to ruin the other side’s life. For those immersed in pop culture I say this: When I see how many foolish things Confederate-flag-wearing Kayne West says and how many people can overlook what he has to say and support his music or even overlook his lyrics because the beats are good, I think you can practice this “tolerance” for the other side. For Conservative Christians, realize the Bible never promised a rose garden in this life. Be ready to forgive and be wronged by others as our convictions are not of this world. My next forecasts for your Facebook feed in July: Lots of flag waving, fireworks and instagram pictures of BBQ, picnics, potlucks and patriotism.

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This book is well researched. It provides a well balance view on both sides.  The authors are clear with the contents they represent when interacting for example, the different types of homosexual orientation.  For example, it is not only the deeds that are addressed, but also the desire for the same sex which is sinful.  One fascinating study which LGBT will consider antiquated is the civil law that pertains to death penalty for grave sins and the authors addresses it by discussing the role of the civil law.  This well-researched book will help readers, who are seeking to gain a deeper grasp of the issues at hand.

This book is a must read for all Christians who love and care for homosexuals.  It also deals with the discontinuity and continuity of the laws in the Old Testament and its perspective and implications on the high rank-and-file sin of homosexuality.  You will go into a theological excursion of the moral, ceremonial, and the civil law when the authors embark upon the Old Testament.  And it interacts with some of the deceiving tactics of the LGBT’s use of Scripture (eisegesis: imparting their own thoughts into the text). Anyone who twists the Word of God in order to make hard truths palatable to society stand in the hot seat of God’s judgment. In this book, you have examples of two men who are graced and granted by God the gift of teaching in order to smell out twisted thinking that spans categorical fallacies and heresies from not only the LGBT “movement” (a 900 pound gorilla that has a goal to destroy the church), but also those who profess faith in Christ.  The book’s truth claims are not based upon a hot and emotionally imbalanced rhetoric, but substance that has been mined over the years from a stable discipline of studying in the Word of God and its interaction with critical sources.  I would recommend you purchasing this book because it will get you acquainted with the arguments that is swirling around. This book will expose to you the information that is derived from the emotionally and subjective arguments that are based on man-centered theology rather than the serious study of God-honoring exegesis and hermeneutics.   You don’t have to be a Greek scholar, but as Christians, we can’t afford to be sloppy or careless (2 Tim. 2:15) with this issue facing our nation.

I pray that this wonderful resource will provide the gateway for you to learn more about this issue and get more acquainted with the passages that the LGBT twist to their own demise.

Also have a Bible handy because the authors will be interacting extensively with the Book of the Leviticus and the Book of Romans.  The book will also stretch out your understanding of the law of God.  That is a major point of the book when discussing the Book of Leviticus and its implications upon the New Testament text.  I believe you will come out a sharper student of the Word when reading the author’s interaction with the biblical text.


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Blown away argument

Here are the links on Presuppositional apologetics gathered from June 22nd, 2015 to June 30th, 2015.

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