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This is part of our “Worldview Dilemmas in the Movies and Comics Series.

Pride of Baghdad

Brian K. Vaughan. Pride of Baghdad.  New York, NY: Veritgo Comics, September 13th, 2006. 136 pp.

I started reading this work because it was on two lists over at Goodreads: “History through graphic novels,” and “Best Graphic Novels.”  I didn’t think of the work highly nor is this work necessarily as historical as I would have liked it.  This story is situated during 2003 when the United States invaded Iraq and tells the story of lions that escaped from the Baghdad zoo.  Something like that did happened but the author and illustrator used the lions and other talking animals as part of an anthropomorphic tale about the nature of freedom and security.  It is a crude tale about violence, desires and deception in a dog eat dog world.  I was left deeply unsatisfied that the graphic novel presented various aspect of what people consider freedom but nothing definitive was ever the outcome.  I can appreciate work that realize there’s no easy answer but I felt it gave the readers a mere tease.  I don’t recommend this book.

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