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God Loves Children


In light of our various posts on abortion, here are some sermons that interacts with this critical topic.  Blessings.


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This is the introduction to our short Sunday series to Exodus 1-2 which I think shows God’s Love for the Lives of Babies.  I do think there are Pro-Life implications.

We begin with setting up the context and anticipating the question of whether or not we can use Exodus 1-2 as a passage that has Pro-Life implications.

Setting up the Context (Exodus 1:1-1:7)

  • Exodus 1:1-1:7 is the bridge between the previous book of Genesis and the book of Exodus as it summarizes the genealogy in Genesis 46:8-27.
  • This passage also tells us that the Jews were at this time in Egpyt.
  • Exodus 1:7 emphasized the growth of Israel by using five different verbs: “were fruitful,” “increased greatly,” “multiplied,” “and became exceedingly mighty,” “was filled.
  • This increase of having many babies led the king of Egypt to be concerned as recorded in Exodus 1:8-10: “8 Now a new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. 9 He said to his people, “Behold, the people of the sons of Israel are [f]more and mightier than we. 10 Come, let us deal wisely with them, or else they will multiply and [g]in the event of war, they will also join themselves to those who hate us, and fight against us and [h]depart from the land.”
  • The Egyptian King’s three policies against Israel will provide the outline points for our series.


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Before I start, I would like to first thank these beloved brothers: David Beal and Steve Pivovaroff for their encouragement to me today.  They both reached out to me and impelled me to keep ministering at these aborturaries.  The warfare can be intense from time to time, but it is a joy to serve my King.  Here is what transpired today concerning our evangelism excursion there and elsewhere:

1) Brother Russell Magsanide from Christ Bible Church blessed me with his presence by joining me on the excursion to Planned Murderhood this morning. We were able to minister to a few people while there.  Besides being snared upon by pro-choice folks, it was pleasant to have received some encouragements from pro-life peeps.  One of the supporters was a lady named Yolanda who prayed for us (in the picture), and was joyful to see us here.  This is not the first person to show their support while we stood near the gates of death. Besides the acts of benevolence, one man who came out the door was enraged and uttered expletives to Brother Russell because of the sign: Babies Are Murdered Here.  It would not be a shocker if he attacked Russell.  It seemed like the fuse was lit and he appeared to be inches away of attacking.  The guy was livid.  It appears that someday, someone may attack us at the PP plant in Escondido.  That man in his ignorance does not know that he is speaking to a U.S. Marine. This was going on while I was speaking to Kevin and Vanessa, a couple whom Russell was able to divert from going into PP before his encounter with the enraged man who walked out from PP with a woman.  While the angry man got into his car along with his lady, I called him to repent as he was preparing to drive off.  After that episode, Russell and I continued talking with Vanessa and Kevin to do the pregnancy test at a pro-life pregnancy center.  Vanessa called the Christian based pregnancy center and was told to come tomorrow.  When Kevin heard that he wanted to go back into PP.  He was in a time crunch.  We earnestly pleaded and challenged him not to go inside that demonic facility.  By God’s grace, he decided not to.  I could tell Vanessa did not want to go.  I got down their number and we will be following-up with them.

2) A little past 11:00 a.m., Pastor Λουκας Ninh Khuu and myself met at Palomar College.  Luke spoke to a young lady who embraced moral relativism.  After a lengthy discussion, she realized the futility of it.  Please pray that the Gospel that was shared to her would be embraced. It was a long conversation. While that took place, the Lord brought four men (Alex, Marcus, and Hermon & Michel who came together) to me for a discussion on murder which ended up being a catalyst for the discussion on abortion.  All of them at first supported abortion in the event of rape, but by the grace of God, they realized that at the end, it was wrong.  No innocent life should be exterminated under no circumstances (i.e. rape and incest).  Praise God.  The talking point did not stop there.  You know they got the Gospel!  They all stood and listened and engaged when the Gospel was preached.  I got three out of the four contact information from them. Please pray that God would convert them.  Please pray that they will read the tract and watch the 180 movie (www.180movie.com).

3) My excursion did not end.  After PP and Palomar, I made my way to Westminster Seminary to look-up some resources for my message this Sunday.  While coming to a stop in my vehicle at a residential intersection–all of a sudden a young man reversed his car without seeing me and ended up hitting my front bumper.  We both pulled over to inspect the accident.  It was very minor.  As a result, I told him that I will not contact the insurance company.  I wanted to extend grace.  By God’s providence, I was compelled to use this little accident as an opportunity to share the Gospel.  I asked him, “Do you believe you are a good person?” He said yes because he does many religious activities at the church and goes to catechism class.  I believe it is at the Catholic Church. I took him to God’s moral law. And I explained to him that the small accident we had was a minor thing, but with God, one violation of His law is no small thing before the Holy God. From there, I gave him the Gospel, a tract, and invited him to church.  He said he plans on coming to church this Sunday.  If not, next Sunday he will come.  Please pray that the Lord will save Antonio.

4) The day ended with a sweet time of fellowship and discipleship with some members from Christ Bible Church.

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Heretics and Heroes How Renaissance Artists and Reformation Priests Created Our World

Thomas Cahill. Heretics and Heroes: How Renaissance Artists and Reformation Priests Created Our World.  New York: Doubleday, October 29th, 2013. 368 pp.

This is the sixth installment of a series on history books called Hinges of History by Thomas Cahill, a former editor of religious literature for Double Day.  The series is focused on different groups of people and historical period which have made their contributions felt today.  This particular work focused on the Protestant Reformation and the Italian Renaissance in which the author tries to argue that the Reformation and Renaissance has made its contribution towards the modern concept of self.  It is a fascinating thesis but in the end I felt the author wasn’t as concern about arguing his case as rigorously as possible as he was more excited to give us his biographical sketches of various individuals from the Renaissance and the Reformation.

I don’t think any serious reader would fault the book as a dry historical textbook since the author writes in a journalistic fashion with an upbeat tempo.  The author’s humor is evident through his writing.  There were times when the book reads like a gossip column.  The book was not only able to capture my attention but left me wanting to read up more concerning the Reformation and the Renaissance.


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Babies Are Murdered Here

What a day at Planned Murderhood. I will not be able to explain all the details. Further details will be provided through video and perhaps another blog post on some of the conversations I had with people, in the near future. As of now, I will provide snapshots. The work of God spanned from conversations with other believers, PP patients, critics, unbelievers, etc. Please pray because a lady approached me and indicated that she is working on a pro-life video; and stated that our participation maybe needed. At any rate, here are some main highlights from today. I request that the body of Christ be in prayer for these people because the war in the heart is strong. Only Christ can break the bondage of sin. One highlight was Saul. Please pray for him. He saw me with a sign outside PP while strolling down in his truck. He was scoffing at us. I asked him if I can speak with him for a few minutes while he was in his car. He said yes. Hence, I walked towards his truck, challenging his worldview and then presented his desperate need for Christ. He denied the existence of God and supported the murder of babies even though he does not view it as murder. I argued that apart from God you fall prey to relativistic thinking. The conversation was cordial and at the end of the conversation, he gave me his number. As a result, I will try to set-up a future meeting with him. I don’t know, but it seems like Saul enjoyed the conversation. Another encounter I had was with a young lady who was on her way into the doors of PP. I informed her that PP is guilty of murder and supports the continual annihilation of pre-born babies. I also presented the neccessity of the Gospel and exhorted her to come to Christ. Praise God because near the end of the conversation, she decided not to enter PP, but go to Alternative Women’s Center that is pro-life. At the end I asked if I could pray for her and she complied. Another blessed moment was an encounter with a solid brother from a Prysbyterian Church in Temecula, CA that Pastor Luke and I met. We were both able to open-air preach for a few minutes outside PP. We exchanged numbers and hope for more Gospel partnerships. Praise God. His message was God-honoring and Christ-centered. I am immensely blessed that the Lord would send down like-minded believers. The Lord of the Harvest answered our prayers.

AnthonyPP 2

Many Christians from our church and elsewhere came too. I pray that the Lord will continue to embolden them more and more because they made an impact today. There are so many stories to share, but I hope that the readers of this post will be encouraged and incited to go out and reach the lost.

By way of update, a young lady whom me and another brother ministered to that week on Thursday, met up with a sister from my local church.  When we first spoke to her, she was broken and needed guidance from the Lord concerning her past experience with abortion.  Praise God, that she met a sister yesterday.  I received word that she was open to hearing the Gospel and will be joining our church service this Sunday.

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We will have a new short series on the first two chapters of Exodus and its implications concerning God’s views of the lives of babes.

Stay tune!

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In a tweet railing Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens ‏claimed that there are “polls showing the majority of the American public supports continued federal funding for PP.”

I’ve been seeing Planned Parenthood supporters on social media claiming the moral high gounds with this statistics but I want to definitely interact with someone more official and the executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood certaintly fits the bill.

What is the source for Dawn Laguens’ claim?  She provides a link in her tweet to a Progressive Liberal website called “Think Progress.”  I’m more interested in finding the original source behind her source from a Liberal webpage.

What are we to make of Planned Parenthood’s claim and also the implied argument utilizing this claim?


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