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Here’s a round up of links on our blog in light of all the heat with Planned Parenthood.

Guest Post: Abortion – a Worldview Approach

Original Refutations

1.) A fallacious argument that Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ Facebooked on July 28th 2015

2.) Planned Parenthood President claim they provide “high-quality, nonjudgmental, compassionate care”

3.) Response to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ Washington Post’s Opinion Piece

4.) Implication of Planned Parenthood President’s admission that Videos show “medical and scientific conversations”

5.) Considering the “Planned Parenthood’s Abortion is only 3% of what it does” Defense

6.) Documenting Planned Parenthood Lies that They Provide Mammograms

7.) Straight Out of Planned Parenthood’s Abortion #DefundPP

8.) What about the Preborn? Look at Cosmopolitan’s article on “The GOP Candidates Completely Disregarded the Reality of Women’s Lives”

9.) Planned Parenthood’s strange argument from its clinics in States that aren’t involved with “Tissue Donations”

10.) Ironic Tweet: Supporting Planned Parenthood because “I have a heartbeat”

11.) “The majority of the American public supports continued federal funding for PP?” Closer Look at a Claim by Planned Parenthood


13.) Planned Parenthood just tweeted supporters to let Congress know that Planned Parenthood is more popular than cheeseburgers



16.) Another bad Planned Parenthood Tweet: People seek abortion even if they are illegal


18.) A Pro-abortionist’s claim: “We haven’t seen one pro-choice activist attack anyone”

19.) Do you see the irony of Planned Parenthood’s Response to the Orlando Shooting?

20.) What’s the Difference Between Monster’s Inc and Planned Parenthood?


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