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Dear Mother,

I love and care for you.  I do not write this letter out of hate for you.  I write this with compassion.  There is too much at stake concerning this matter than to just stand on the fringes and not take any action.  I want to protect you from the emotional, physical, and spiritual scarring that many woman have experienced.  I write this letter with words not drawn from the well of human subjectivity or rationalism, but it comes from the profundity of God’s Word.  They are the words of God that reveals who we are before our Holy Maker. We do not deserve to live, but in His grace, He has preserved our heartbeat.  His truth has the power to provide peace and tranquility.  But the words of the world that are anchored in lies brings a melancholy spirit that causes the soul to cleave to the dust.  The lies of the world destroys lives because it comes from the father of lies, who is Satan.  At this moment, he is one of the agents who provides the weapons of death to the medical killers.

I plead with you to listen to His divine communication, which leads to the safety of His arms.  With God, He will not poison, burn, or pummel the contrite of heart with surgical weapons of death, but He brings to you a flower of peace.  I pray that as you are reading this letter, that you will not close the curtains concerning the contents that makes up this pleading address. The letter reveals the silent horrors.  The horror I am speaking about is not the 11 million that died in the holocaust, nor the 40 million that died under Genghis Khan, but the the killer I am speaking about is the silent holocaust taking place in our nation.  It is taking place near our schools, communities, and churches. These death camps are prevalent.  You will become its next statistic if you decide to walk into the shadow of its death.  The pro-choice/pro-abortionalist/pro-murder person(s) will give you a painting to look at that appears to be beautiful, but in reality it is a cheap and poor quality painting that will mar and deteriorate in a few days.  Pro-abortionist will make abortion appear viable via it being legalized or by sanitizing the crime scene so that your conscience will be free from guilt. But there is nothing clean about it.  It is immoral and wicked because it violates God’s law and the imago dei.  These babies are created in God’s image.  Killing the baby will not stop making you a mother, but it will make you a mother of a dead baby.

Since the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling, over 55 million babies have been murdered.  It has been estimated that there has been close to 61 million total deaths since then.  What have we done?  In our country, myriads of modern day altars of Molech are erected for child sacrifice.  The lie of Molech is alive and well today.  The lie towards Israel and the pagan nations was that the exchange of your baby for slaughter and sacrifice would provide comfort and wellness.  We have bought this lie!  He lied to Eve and continues to lie today to many women.  He will say that this is a women’s rights issue. Really?  Do you have a right to murder?  Do you have a right to govern your life apart from God?  We kill them for the sake of convenience. What we have done in this country is worse than the Holocaust statistically speaking. This is happening to the most vulnerable and innocent of all.  At least in the Holocaust and the Killing Fields, prisoners were able to escape to some extent, but these babies can’t because they are defenseless and are the voiceless. The abortion mills are the gates of Hell. One baby at a time are being poisoned, burned, and teared to pieces one by one.  They are tossed into the toilet and into trash bins once they are murdered.  Have you seen a live movement of the baby from the ultrasound before making the decision?  Have you seen the pictures of the babies who were killed? That is how we are to see this tragedy.  One by one they stand in line waiting to be killed.  Mam, if you decide to perform this abortion, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Whether it is the one who kills the baby or the one who hires the killer, or anyone aiding or abetting in the crime, they are guilty of it.  Your living and eternal Creator knows every evil act (Proverbs 15:3, “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, watching the evil and the good.”).  Please remember that Your Creator gave you life.  Even in your sin, He did not abort you.  Many kill their baby to hide their sin, but Jesus died to wash away their sins.  Mam, repent from your sins.  You have violated God’s law. You are guilty and stand as a criminal.  Just as the child who stands in line awaiting its death sentence by the hired medical assassin, you too stand awaiting the eternal judgment of God.  It will not be pretty.  It is worse than an abortion.  Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Now can God forgive you of this sin?  Yes!  He can. He sent His Son into the womb of a virgin girl to save sinners.  The womb whereby many babies have been murdered even before the incarnation of Christ, is the place and instrument that God used to perform His rescue mission.  Mother, come to Christ!  Without Him, there is no hope, but misery, perpetual guilt, and Hell once you die.  We have broken many of God’s law.  All of it stems from a wicked heart that needs to be transformed.  The heart is what leads many in this country to murder their child. The heart is what leads us to hate Christ.  The heart reveals that we are not good.  There is nothing good about us outside of Christ.  If the heart is not tamed, it can lead to other unspeakable acts of crimes against God.  Jesus can clean that sick heart.  Yes, Jesus can.  If you have committed murder, coming to Christ does not change what you have done to your aborted baby. Your baby will not return back to earth, but coming to Christ does change your eternity.  God will forgive you if you come to Christ.  He can heal your broken heart.  He loves you.  Romans 10:9, “That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”  The power of Christ to provide forgiveness is a reality.  How?  He is the perfect sacrifice.  You may have sacrificed your child already, but remember that Jesus Christ took on the most ghastly and hellish sacrifice on the cross for sinners.  He not only bore sin, but He absorbed and satisfied the righteous anger of God that is to befall upon you.  Come to Him in humility.  Do not presume upon His grace.  He warns against that.  If you do not come to Him with a contrite heart, you remain in your guilt and sin.  Cling to Him now.  Do not be double-minded (James 4:8).  Repent and place faith upon His beautiful Son.  If you die, you need not fear.  Christ is your advocate.  If He can forgive thieves and murderers, He can forgive you. He can wash you white as snow.



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