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Wolverine Origin

Paul Jenkins. Wolverine: Origin.  New York, NY: Marvel Publishing Incorporated, October, 18th, 2006. 200 pp.

Among the X-Men, the Wolverine fascinates me the most.  There’s something about that character that intrigues me.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story of Wolverine written by Paul Jenkins.  He has written a good storyline of Wolverine’s origin.  The graphic novel actually pulls you to the character.  There is some suspense in the beginning of the book as you don’t know which one of the character is going to grow up to be the Wolverine.  I thought it was neat to see how the story was told from a third story perspective of a girl who was a nanny.  This adds a personal touch while still allowing Wolverine to be the elusive figure that one can’t fully control which I think would be destroyed if it was told in the first person.

The author and illustrator did a good job with the historical details of the Canadian setting in the 1800s.  The colors of the painting in this book is beautifully done—especially the sunlight that makes you feel like you are in the Canadian frontiers.  I have read other X-Men comics recently and I thought that this book was really well done in comparison to others.  In the beginning of my recent reading of comics and graphic novels I thought there was not much difference but this work is an example of a graphic novel.

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