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Babies Are Murdered Here

On September 15, 2015, while at  PP, I was reminded of the misery of evil and the nature of sin. When you minister at these murder mills you can’t come there with empty shells filled with dust, but you must be a vessel that is filled by the Holy Spirit. Your heart needs to be enlarged and affections for Christ need to be the epicenter. Otherwise, Christ is not exalted.

At any rate, besides one angry response from one young lady, who I think called the police on me (4th time they have been called), the most distressing situation today was a young couple who went inside for an abortion. The young man gave me back my tract after I asked if he was going inside for an abortion. His apathy and coldness for the child that was about to be murdered precipitated a righteous anger (not sinful anger) in me. As a result, I was impelled to open-air preach, which I normally do not do when I am alone. But I had to do it since I had info. that this poor child was going to be sacrificed on the bloody altar of convenience via the poison capsule.

Another sad state of affairs is the steep ignorance of PP patients. For example, one patient told me that they do not do abortions here. I told her to go to their website. It is very clear. They offer abortion services by encouraging the ladies who are pregnant to take the poison capsule. They take it orally and vaginally. Paitients are either lied to, ignorant, or refuse to aknowledge the truth. Moreover, on a few ocassions I have heard from a few people that PP encourages abortion if you are struggling economically, young, etc.

As for the positives, I had three grace-given conversations. One was with the business owner near PP who owned a tabacco shop. I am continuing to build a relationship with him. We continued our conversation. We covered demon possession, Mary veneration, and the Gospel. He also said he would like to teach me a few words in Arabic. Praise God because that will be handy when ministering to Muslims. The other conversation was with a mother who walked out from PP. She joyfully took one of our ministry packets after our extensive conversation.

The last conversation was with another young lady named Audrey. We had an extensive conversation on abortion and most importantly the Gospel. After the conversation we closed in prayer. Praise God because she decided not to go inside PP. Please pray that she will desire to communicate with one of the sisters in our church. Thank you all for praying.

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