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Troll autopsy

We have a troll commented on one of my posts while I was away on a trip.  He has some interesting unorthodox views.  Wally, a dear friend of our blog asked him the question “Exactly how did you arrive at that?”  The troll said said “about 25 years in theology.”  He thinks his study of the Bible is academically rigorous and told Wally “what i’d like you to do is use the greek, the original language john was written in,” to refute him.  He wants Wally to know he’s ready to rumble with the Greek by name dropping Strong (dead give away of a wannable Greek Geek).  Oh and our troll freely use the word “simpleton” for others.   So after 25 years of studying theology what is his mighty conclusion of Jesus’ life and ministry ?  His comment found HERE is very telling:

jesus didn’t have any requirements about belief in himself; he had a very old jewish message he wished was simply believed. his only unique addition to it was a universalism and focus on the inner-man. a way of seeing the world differently, through love, and behavior is then lawless, unjudgable.

Let’s do an autopsy of what he said.

1.) “jesus didn’t have any requirements about belief in himself

Response: Jesus didn’t have any requirements about belief in himself?  The Biblical data suggests otherwise.  And he didn’t pick this up after 25 years?  Maybe it’s time to turn the table around, so using his own words and standards: “what i’d like you to do is use the Greek, the original language,” and translate these Greek passages:

και πας ο ζων και πιστευων εις εμε ου μη αποθανη εις τον αιωνα πιστευεις τουτο

μη ταρασσεσθω υμων η καρδια πιστευετε εις τον θεον και εις εμε πιστευετε

ιησους δε εκραξεν και ειπεν ο πιστευων εις εμε ου πιστευει εις εμε αλλα εις τον πεμψαντα με

I’m not playing.  If you’re the troll and you are reading this, there will be no comments approved on this blog until you you translate, parse, decline and argue grammatically from the Greek.  And please don’t use Google to find these verses and look it up in the English or cheat with Google Translate.  You can tell.

Note: I’ll post what these verse says in the English after a reasonably ample time has passed.


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