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Today marks 9 years our blog been around.


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DNA abortion invalid

I still have to give an update from this past Thursday. In short, from Thursday, God’s Word, His song of salvation, was uttered to a young woman named Nancy. The vile monster called sin was confronted and exposed to her before sharing the good news. Nancy was very open and teachable. She even asked questions, and did not challenege any of God’s Word. She was thankful and stated that she learned a lot about the Gospel that day. The power of sin is strong. Please pray that the miracle of regeneration will occur if it did not become a reality yet.

Today, my brother Jimmy and myself made our way to PP in Pasadena–another notorious site that was exposed by The Center for Medical Progress for harvesting and selling baby parts. As we drove towards PP and did a little reconaissance; there was barely anyone there. As a result, we decided to go to the PP murder mill at El Monte near Jimmy’s church where he pastors.

There was much apathy by many while ministering there. Even the security guard named George who was engaged with us openly in a conversation (who seemed disturbed as we explained PP’s crime) in the beginning, switched to another mode as time progressed. From a cordial conversation in the beginning, he now completely shut off. He refused to speak even one word to us. He was hardened. However, Jimmy and I resumed the Gospel ministry by preaching on a few ocassions. The guard who was hardened heard all of the messages. While we preached, the El Monte Police Dept. came because they received a call stating that we were harassing people–which is a farce. The conversation with the officer was positive. There were no points of contention. Thus we resumed.

I also had the opportunity to speak briefly to a young woman named Brenda who was in tears. She was standing near a pillar near us. I saw her in distress. As a result, I approached her while Jimmy was preaching in front of PP. Not sure why she was in tears, but I gave her some Gospel literature and she willingly took it. We told her we are here to help. Please pray that the literature would convict her.

By God’s grace, we had our first conversation with a PP worker who took our Gospel tract. That is first time a worker took a Gospel literature from my experience. But what was distressing was her confession. She said she is a Christian. As she walked away, we challenged her thinking and warn her of the grave crimes against God by associating with a organization that unashamedly murders babies. It is clear what PP stands for: the idolatry of Pro-Choice. But she refused to engage and continued walking away to her car.

We also had an opportunity to share the Gospel with an employee from LabCorp, named Steve. They provide services to PP. He confessed that he is Catholic and is against abortion. Please pray that he will submit to the Gospel.

I was blessed to partner up with Pastor Jimmy today. May this excursion be the catylyst to encourage the other church members to join him in this missionary endeavor. I was blessed not only to preach alongside him, but also pray soberly for the lost. The lost who if they die without Christ, will spend eternity in Hell. The lost who if they die without Christ will experience a perpetual guilt for all eternity. May the glory of Christ’s message save the people we came in contact with today. May they drink of the redemptive drops of His grace. As always, thank you for interceding via prayer to our Savior and Lord for us.

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