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This is part of our worldview dilemmas in movies and comics series.

Magneto Testament

Greg Pak. X-Men: Magneto Testament.  New York, NY: Marvel Publishing Incorporated, June 10th, 2009. 152 pp.

In the world of the X-Men in which mutants with special abilities are fighting for survival among regular humans and other mutants, Magneto is known as one of the X-Men’s biggest foe.  Here in this graphic novel it tells of the origin of Magneto and the story takes place in the 1930s when Magneto was just a young Jewish boy in Nazi Germany name Max Eisenhardt.  I think this story is compelling and would be interesting even for those that don’t typically read comics or care about superheroes.  Matter of fact, one of the thing I like about this book is that it’s really not a story of supervillains and superheroes.  There’s no use of superpowers (there are subtle hints of young Magneto’s interests with metals).  It’s more of a historical graphic novel about the Nazis, their persecution of minorities and the injustice of society targeting those who are different.  This is a story of a young boy growing up into a young man in one of the most horrible chapter in history.


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