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My heart is grieving. The young girl who is 16 years of age that was pressured by her mom, was sobbing uncontrollably. I asked her if she was getting an abortion. She appeared to have lied by shaking her head. ¬†But her mother confessed by saying, “We cannot keep the child because we have no money.” The suppression of truth is real here folks. People know it is wrong to abort babies. This evil mother who was holding another baby in her arms had the audacity to place a price tag on the babies head in order to satisfy the god of convenience. I offered the young 16 year old teenager help, but her mother pressured her to go inside Planned Murderhood. It was a tense moment. I then resorted to preaching. In less than 5 minutes into the message, they left PP and said they were going to get lunch. I am not sure if they will return. I continued pleading and admonishing the mother near her car by indicating that she will stand before God to be judged. She said, “I know.” She is suppressing her conscience (Rom. 2:15-16). While speaking to a young man who was in PP concerning the reason why I plead with people at PP, a young woman interrupted my conversation and said my mother should of aborted me. Apparently, she was angry because prior to that, I told her she had murder in her heart. She continued shouting expletives. However the conversation with the young man that seemed to be going nowhere at first ended well. He seemed more understanding as the conversation progressed. I showed him Scripture, shared the Gospel, and ended in prayer. Please pray for his soul. And please pray that the young 16 year old will not abort her baby. All glory to Christ!

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