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We are different members of the same body (1 Cor. 12:12-27). The head is Christ. If one is missionary and evangelistically minded and not apathetic towards the harvest, let’s not guilt-monger people into your one-size fits all type of ministry. We must avoid false dichotomies.

The paradigm of: “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” implies the mentality by some parachurch activists who emphasize one particular sin. When you accuse the brethren who is Gospel-centered, you are the problem, not them. Biblical ecclesiology dictates that no parachurch ministry is to usurp the authority of the local church. Otherwise, this opens up a Pandora box. You might as well have missionary organizations dictating the local church how missions should operate. They might as well preach in front of their churches too if they are not welcomed by Gospel-centered elders.

Although many saints labor in different areas of ministry for the sake of the nations (i.e. ministry to Hindus, Muslims, homosexuals, adulterers, etc.), we serve one true and eternal King: Christ Jesus. To do otherwise, such as undermining other believers’ salvation/sanctification on the grounds of a church or a believer not having a anti-abortion ministry at the murder mill is to potentially follow the steps of Satan which is to be an accuser of the brethren (Rev. 12:10). That is liken to adding fuel to the fire. I am thankful that I am justified in Christ.

“Being a ‘one issue voter’ will inevitably lead to a whole host of issues. Like John Piper says, the glory of God is like the sun. It must remain at the center so that it’s gravity holds all of the planets in proper orbit. Without a passion for the centrality and supremacy of the glory of God, every ministry is bound to create chaos and destruction within the church.” ~ Peter Boland

One thing major lesson I learned. We need to be balanced because Jesus died for all sin.  Every sin is an affront to Him and any sin can take someone to Hell. The greatest sin is not the sin of abortion, homosexuality, etc., but the greatest sin is the rejection of Christ.

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