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Bill Bryson One Summer 1927

Bill Bryson. One Summer: America, 1927.  Wheaton, IL: Doubleday, October 1st, 2013. 456 pp.

I love American history but I must admit that I don’t have much clue about the 1920s.  As a kid I hated the Roaring Twenties but now that I’m older I’m curious as to what I might be missing out on.  This book isn’t about the roaring twenties in general but one particular summer in one particular year in American history.  I think this book is a fun read even if you aren’t that interested in history since the book is not heavy on politics (although the author does touch on political personalities), economics, etc.  Rather the author does a good job telling stories.  And he tells all kinds of stories, ranging from Charles Lindbergh’s historical moment of being the first pilot to cross the Atlantic, crime throughout America and sports.  The author Bill Bryson masterfully tells stories almost with the nostalgia of us being there as it happened.  The book more or less is chronological in terms of materials arranged as if you are reading the headlines as the weeks progressed during that summer.  It gives you the feeling like history was unfolding before your very eyes.


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