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Since the 2000s we have seen many superheroes move from the panels of comicbooks unto the big screen in Hollywood.  Some of them have become very popular and profitable for the movie industries.  Think of the X-Men, the Avengers and Batman.  With the release of movie trailers in the fall of 2015 Hollywood is promising that more is to come.  A list on IMDB reveals that among the top ten “Most Popular TV Series Released In 2015” at least three of the shows involve superheroes that first originated in the world of comics.  Superheroes are here to stay.

So why should Christians pay attention to this phenomenon?


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This year was the first time I started to read comics.  It is also the first year that I started to read Batman.  What follows below is my review and Christian reflections of my favorite works on Batman.

Batman: Year One

Batman year one frank miller

Frank Miller. Batman: Year One. New York, NY: DC Comics, January 10th, 2012. 136 pp.

First published in 1987, the author and illustrator wanted to retell the story of Batman with more realism; which is a refreshing contrast to the silliness of Batman in some of the older comics I’ve read and which is characteristics of the 60s TV show.  From what I understand from reading other people’s review before reading this book, Batman: Year One is now accepted as the “canon” of Batman’s origins and beginning.  I enjoyed the plot.  I also enjoyed a Batman that didn’t know it all and was trying to figure things out, unlike the TV version of Batman played by Adam West.  I suppose that is why I like Batman more than any superhero because he’s a man and not someone with superpower.  This is a Batman volume that I finished through in one sitting.

Christian Reflection:

Sometimes some comic books and TV show can paint the hero in unrealistic light where they have it all together.  Here was see a young Bruce Wayne who didn’t have it all together, and one who could be hurt and injured.  Batman after all, is still a man.  And as a man he is not perfect nor does it mean that victory will always be easy.  This book also is honest about the darkness of the world in city life.  I also enjoyed the story of police officer Gordon who was just starting out with the Gotham police force and Gordon facing police corruption and incompetence.  It lead me to appreciate the authority that God has place in civil magistrate according to Romans 13 who does make a stand for justice and who does not bear weapons for nothing.



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