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As part of our Christian worldview series on Superheroes and the Comics, in this post we will look at Jonah Hex and reflect on the topic of masculinity.

Jonah Hex Classic Tales: Welcome to Paradise

Jonah Hex Classic Tales Welcome to Paradise

Various. Jonah Hex Classic Tales: Welcome to Paradise. New York, NY: DC Comics, May 11th 2010. 168 pp.

This volume collects some of the 1970s issues on Jonah Hex, a bounty hunter operating in the old Wild West.  There are various short stories of Hex’ adventures.  This was the first comics about Jonah Hex and I was surprised that I really enjoyed them since I’ve never been a guy for anything Western.  I like how each story is self-contained and you don’t need to know a whole lot from other issues in order to get what’s going on.  I think I also liked the story of Jonah Hex as a manly gunslinger.  Taking place in the 1800s when the West was far from tame, Jonah Hex must be a tough man to survive and capture the guys who are wanted.



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Here’s some audios that looks at comics from a Christian worldview from a show that calls itself “Theonomy in Panels.”  There use to be some Youtube videos of these shows but they have since been deleted.  The following are what audios that can be still be found online:

Episode One – Watchmen and Worldviews

Episode Two – Spider-Man and the Theme of Responsibility

Moebius and Hedonistic Sensuality


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