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Guidance and the voice of God Jensen Payne

Phillip D. Jensen and Tony Payne. Guidance and the Voice of God. Youngstown, OH: Matthias Media, September 16th, 2012. 183 pp.

This work is an expanded and revised edition of a book on God’s guidance and the will of God.  I received this book from the Shepherd’s Conference and didn’t realized I had it until I found it again in my book shelf as I was working on a series for my church on the sovereignty of God.  Talk about providence and what the book called “God’s behind the scene” guidance!  I found this book quite helpful and refreshing since the authors stressed the Bible as the means of knowing God’s will and they go against the grain of some of the books and speakers out there on seeking the plan of God that is man-centered, mystical or down right weird.


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