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With more and more discussion about Islam internationally because of what’s on the news I thought it was worth while to reblog an old post I wrote on witnessing to Muslims using the Quran’s view of the Bible. I think it is appropriate for “Throw Back Thursday.”

The Domain for Truth

NOTE: The following is the outline I used when I teach people on how I evangelize to Muslim.

I. Introductory Matters

a. Why this lesson is important.

i.      Islam is going to be more and more on the news for the West.

1. The issue of Radicalism.

a. Quasi-international scene: Al Qaeda style terror.

b. Local radical clerics in the West.

2. The issue of Tolerance.

a. For Muslims.

 i.      People taking their frustration with Islamic terror on random law abiding muslims.

ii.      A general Xenophobia.

b. From Muslims.

i.      Muhammad Drawing.

ii.      Murdering apostates, Christian converts, etc.

ii.      Globalization will bring us face to face with Muslims on the internet, at work, tourism and your neighborhood.

1. Muslim propagation will bring more people to their faith.

2. Immigration will bring Muslims around the world.

iii.      Christians are called to understand the times, and evangelize everyone including Muslims.

1. Therefore…

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