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Here are the videos from 2o15’s Bahnsen Conference.  The Bahnsen conference celebrates the life of Greg Bahnsen, a pastor, theologian and apologist for the Christian faith.

Note: I do not necessarily agree with everything theologically but Greg Bahnsen has been used by God to change my life.

There are twelve videos:


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The Minister Self Watch

Charles Spurgeon. The Minister’s Self-Watch.  Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, November 20st, 2012. 36 pp.

It seems Charles Spurgeon, that famous Victorian era Baptist preacher, has a way of speaking beyond the graves.  This short booklet is also the first chapter to his larger work titled Lectures to My Students.  However the call for the minister to engage in self-watch of his life isn’t only for seminary students or those who desire to enter into ministry; it ought to be part of the spiritual life of those who are in the ministry.  I love the pastoral feel to this book and its emphasis on the duty of holiness.  There are many memorable illustrations Spurgeon gave in this work, such as the grease-boxes of carriage wheels for railways being stopped because of flies and how that is an example of how our sins, even the ones we see as petty can have a detrimental impact on our ministry.  There is a great section in this book on the danger of those who are unconverted in the ministry.  I think a pastor should read this book yearly as a good spiritual heart check up since after all Spurgeon himself said in the book about how the danger of those who neglect vigorous piety has a greater danger than that of others.  Ministry is about who we really are and our influence through the Word of God towards others and no doubt this book is a strong and much needed reminder for minister’s lives to be consistent.

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