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old testament scrolls

Christians should know the Prophecies concerning the Gospel.  Speaking about the Gospel, Romans 1:2 states that the Gospel is that “which He promised beforehand through His prophets in the holy Scriptures.  In the Greek “promised beforehand” is a compound word that is redundant, the preposition “ahead of time” and the verb “promise,” it thus strongly emphasize temporal sequence of promise and fulfillment (Moo, 44).  So the Gospel was predicted a long time ago in the Old Testament Scriptures.  Note the plural in”prophets” and “Scriptures” that thus indicate multiple authors and books in the Bible that these prophecies have been made.  Do you know more than one Messianic prophecies?  Off the top of your head, do you know any Old Testament prophecies about Jesus?  Are you aware of Isaiah 53 and Psalms 22?  Do you know more than one Messianic prophecies?  Vow to study them if you don’t!  But don’t just study it academically or to win arguments; study Messianic prophecies to worship God, and experience that joy and assurance knowing that its all true!  Some might think “Why?  I am not Jewish so why study the Old Testament?”  But knowing the context of Romans should encourage us to study the Old Testament even as Gentiles, Paul is addressing primarily Gentiles believers and he states the importance of the Old Testament here!  Matter of fact Paul quotes and allude to the Old Testament in Romans more than any other epistles.   Study the Old Testament for Christians should know the Prophecies concerning the Gospel.


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