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The Call to the Ministry Kindle Edition

So you want to be a Pastor or be full time in the ministry?  I think a “must read” for those who are wondering if they are called to the ministry is from chapter two of Spurgeon’s book, Lectures to My Students.  I’ve recommended serveral different guys this chapter in the last month or so.  It has come to my attention that this chapter has also been adapted into a short kindle booklet which is nice if one wants a short document on their kindle library rather than the entire volume of Lectures to My Students.  This is a convicting message by Spurgeon and it spoke powerfully to me before I entered the ministry and now currently in ministry.  I also enjoyed Spurgeon’s exposition on the bad reasons why people entered ministry.  Readers shouldn’t miss his story of the self-professing “best applicant” that tried to entered Spurgeon’s Pastor’s college and Spurgeon’s account of the interview.

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