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Each Sunday I want to post something about church.

I normally try not to share too much personal things on the blog.  But today I’ll share a little bit.  I got saved in Christ as a teenager after I got expelled from high school.  At that time my parents suddenly realized just how big of a trouble my life was becoming and they got very strict.  At the same time the Lord was using various events to draw me to Himself.  I started reading the Bible, listening to sermons and trying to understand it all.  I tried going to church and my parents freaked out and banned me from going.  Christianity was a foreign religion to them and they didn’t know what directions my Christianity would lead to.  Looking back I must say I can’t blame them.  I would sneak to church at times but it was never consistent.  By His grace the Lord kept me growing in my new found faith for a few years before I finally reached 18 years old and was able to find a home church to attend weekly.

I share this testimony to say that I was surprised when I was able to go to church consistently at age 18 to see how lukewarm people can be at church.  Even as I think back to those younger years my eyes start to get watery.  It reminds me of the great privilege of being with Christ’s body.  A duty yes, but also a privilege.  And I say this knowing how imperfect my church was and is.  I share this testimony also to say I sympathize with those who for various reasons have been kept from going to a Bible-based, Gospel driven church.  The Lord last night really broke my heart for those who left the church, those who are Christians and can’t find a godly church, those who are struggling with the faith and those who are biblically minded but stuck in a difficult church that they love.  I was led to pray and I pray that God would do His work.

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