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Let me say right up front this is not a post supporting Donald Trump.  I personally prefer another candidate and I have a hard time with some of the things Trump has to say.  Again this post is not so much about Trump as it is about the consistency of those who have complained about Donald Trump, his endorsement by David Duke (former grandwizard from the KKK) and Trump’s response.

satanic support of planned parenthood



The Liberal Media have been having a field day.  Even NPR headline states “Trump Fails To Condemn KKK On Television, Turns To Twitter To Clarify.”  The subject has been trending on Social Media.  Some wanted to see if Trump would repudiate David Duke and the KKK.  Some even zoomed in closer of Trump’s handling of the manner.  The discussion doesn’t necessarily help Trump’s public image as some find this affair as a reason to dismiss support for Trump.

But using the same logic behind the criticism of Trump, how would the same people respond to the relationship and support Planned Parenthood has received from the Klan and Satanists?


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