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jerry bridges passing


Last night I saw online from Justin Taylor’s social media that Christian writer and preacher Jerry Bridges was hospitalized.  It turned out that today he passed away and was promoted to eternity.

I appreciate his ministry very much.  I just finished last week his book The Transforming Power of the Gospel which I was planning to write and post a review on our blog tomorrow.  I have also appreciated other works of his, whether physical books or audio books.  Sadly I’ve only heard him preached once.  But that one time I heard him preached I remember older seasoned saints were deeply moved and edified.


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Here’s today’s “Church Sunday” post.

This is a short video clip on Church membership by the guys of Nine Mark Ministries.  It’s on church membership.

I’ll be sharing a bit more on church membership the next few Sundays.

Enjoy the Lord’s Day!

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