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Pray for Lexi


For those who may not be aware, a six-year-old girl was taken away by D.C.F.S from a family at Grace Community Church because she is 1.5% Choctaw Indian.  Does the thought that the other 98.5% matter?  We all know the foster care system is in bad shape, but to do this to a child seems heartless.  The reason she was placed in the foster system was because her father was a career criminal and her mother have her share of problems with drugs.. The family is broken and in tears as their beloved child is taken. Lexi has been living with her foster family for a few years now and to take her away now to live with extended family members is only detrimental to the child.  Why? because Lexi has bonded with the Page family for many years.  There has to be a better alternative than what transpired.   My heart breaks for this family. Here are some articles, posts, and videos you can take a look at for more information.  This case should get more news coverage.  Has D.C.F.S asked Lexi where she wants to stay?  The child of course wants to stay with the Page family because she has bonded with them. Let’s face it folks.  We have a broken foster care system.  In the name of human decency, this child needs love, not government officials who only make matters worse and cumbersome for a child’s life.  Lexi was crying for her family.  She did not wanted to be taken away.  The Page family were even told by court order that they were not allowed to tell Lexi what will happen to her before D.C.F.S comes.


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