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Let me say up front that this post is not against any race (I’m a ethnic minority in the US myself).  The issue is not about skin, it is about the sin of discrimination.  I saw on Social Media Tony Miano sharing this news story: Viral video of student confrontation over dreadlocks prompts investigation at SFSU.  In San Fransico State University a white guy with dreadlocks was confronted by two African American individuals about his hair, then the girl blocks him from leaving, grabs the guy’s arm and then accuses him of putting his hands on her when it was her that was holding him and he was trying to break free.  She even asked the person recording it why he was recording and grabbed his device.   See it for yourself here:


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People are not always easy to deal with.  This sermon is titled “How to Deal with Mean People.”  This message is delivered by David O. Dykes, Pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas.  It was delivered at the chapel for Southern Seminary and the sermon is based upon Romans 12:17-21.  It’s more of an encouragement with the insight and experience of an older preacher than a detailed exegetical sermon.  But it’s worthwhile!


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