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(Note: This is an anonymous guest post.  I am currently away and thank this individual for writing this post.)


You’re pastor wants to quit.

Pretty strong words, but believe it or not it is probably a reality that has ran through his mind more than once. How do I know this? Because I am a local church pastor. Many have romanticized the pastorate thinking it to be a life of deep theological reflection, testimony after testimony of successful counseling sessions, and groves of people faithfully responding to the gospel message. Unfortunately, we all know this is rarely the case.

Your pastor may struggle with theological compromise. Your pastor may struggle with boldly counseling those who are truly entangled in sin. Your pastor may struggle with boldly preaching the Gospel in a world that grows more and more hostile to our holy God. Your pastor may even be an introvert by nature and struggle with being connected in Christian fellowship.

Well, the purpose of this blog is not to pity the pastor. Rather, since these are some of the behind the scenes struggles of your local church pastor I’d like to suggest some ways to encourage him. The premise of this blog assumes two truths. First, that church members realize that their pastor is a part of the whole. He himself is one part of the entire congregation. In other words, your pastor is a fellow church member (Phil 1:1). In the same way you need spiritual encouragement, guidance, prayer, and accountability so too does your pastor!

Second, church members must realize that the role of elder is described as a shared role. The Bible speaks of the office of elder-pastor as an office occupied by multiple men (Acts 14:23; 20:17; Phil 1:1; 1 Thess 5:12-13)! Pastors, whether senior or associate or assistant, have a biblical obligation to submit to the plurality of elders that surround him in the task of pastoring.

With these caveats in mind I’d like to suggest a few practical tips for encouraging your local church pastor.


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