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Do not fear quick bible thought

Yesterday morning I was blown away how many times in the Bible God says “Do not be afraid.” Maybe sometime in the future I can do a deeper study.  It appears from Genesis to Revelation. God didn’t say “Don’t be afraid” because of something strong He sees in the people, the Scripture never says God “believes in you” (actually the Biblical data often takes the contrary view)…but He always goes back to His attributes as the reason we shouldn’t be afraid of following Him and doing the right thing. He calls us to trust in Him. Biblically speaking what we need is not a false bravo confidence in ourselves but confidence in trusting in Him and His grace. Paradoxically this liberates us to be real about our shortcomings, flaws and sin yet without despairing, knowing He forgives those who trust in Him WHILE PROMISING that He is working in changing those who do.

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