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Tonight’s featured weekend book review is a historical nonfiction.

The Devil's Diary Alfred Rosenberg

Robert K Wittman. The Devil’s Diary: Alfred Rosenberg and the Stolen Secrets of the Third Reich.  London, UK: William Collins, March 29th, 2016.  416 pp.

A few years ago I read a really good book titled Hitler’s Philosophers by Yvonne Sherratt.  The book mentioned Alfred Rosenberg as one of the Nazi’s influential ideologue and so when I found this book in the library I felt I had to pick it up to know more about this Rosenberg.  The book is about the diary of Rosenberg and I was expecting it to focus mainly on the contents within Rosenberg’s diary.  To be frank I was disappointed with my expectations but I couldn’t totally dismissed the entirety of the book either because it was an interesting subject.



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Huff Po Jesus predicted Muhammad Veritas Domain show it is a lie

Over at liberal Huff Po Religion there is a piece I want to respond to that’s titled “Did Jesus Predict Muhammad?”  This is part 2 of my response and earlier I wrote .  In this post I will start to look at the bad exegesis found in part 2 of the article “Did Jesus Predict Muhammad?”  Obviously Huff Po makes this out to be a great article.  One starts wondering if there’s great exegesis going on here.  But what I learned about Huff Posts Religion is that there’s a lot of huff and puffs, but no bites as far as exegesis or sound thinking is concerned.  For instance, half a year ago they have on their website another piece that I responded to titled “

While it isn’t the main focus of the writer’s core argument that Jesus predicted Muhammad, we see right off the bat that the writer’s first effort in looking at a Biblical passage results in a bad interpretation.  It’s like a sign of things to come.


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