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Just as a warning I’m kind of passionate about this one.

Do you remember not too long ago people in an Ivy League School cussing and yelling at a professor in protest of need for safe space after students analyzing for “Micro-Agressions” (seriously, “Micro”) found that dressing up in certain costumes of ethnic and people group committed some Leftist blasphemy codes?  The contradiction doesn’t occur to them.  I think some in the Left are truly today’s Pharisees, absorbed in self-righteousness, who in the name of social justice justify go over the top in harassing those whom they don’t think is as upright as themselves.

I worry about my generation’s hypocrisy when it comes to freedom of speech when it doesn’t conform to the Leftist’s narrative.

What’s worst then Leftists immature trolls?  Leftists trolls gathering together in real time and space.

Watch this video of an event with a Conservative Speaker in Cal State Los Angeles:



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