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I wished there can be a formal debate between Sye Ten Bruggencate and Penn Jilllette.  Jillette has been advocating atheism online for sometime now.  Here in this video Sye catches Jillette and talks to him for a few minutes.

I wished Jillette would have been able to engage more of Sye.  That way we can see Presuppositional apologetics get fleshed out in action.  I would have liked to have seen Jillette try to explain how his atheist worldview can account for the intelligibility and rationality of rational discourse itself.

Sye Ten Bruggencate has a documentary teaching Presuppositional apologetics called “How to Answer the Fool” which you can purchase or rent on Vimeo.

If Presuppositional apologetics is something you want to learn more about see our .  It’s an apologetics’ methodology that was begun by Cornelius Van Til but many of his students have done a better job breaking it down for lay people.

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